We are in an unprecedented time with the Covid-19 Pandemic and it seems to grow larger almost every day.  For those people who are not driving their cars for work, and are definitely not going out for entertainment, they can experience an unexpected complication with their vehicles.   What is the best way to keep our vehicles in tip top shape while they are sitting in our garage or drive way.

The fuel in your vehicle is usually good for about 6 months, but if it is sitting more than 30 days, it does not hurt to add a fuel stabilizer to the tank so the fuel will not loose its volatility.  Also, keeping the tank full will help reduce moisture accumulation that can be caused by the fluctuations in weather.

The battery of your vehicle can be in use even when the ignition is off.  Driving or at least running the vehicle for 15 to 20 minutes each week can help to keep a good battery charged up.  There are chargers or battery maintainers that can be hooked up to your battery while it sits, but I would caution you on the use of those, because you do not want to overcharge the battery and cause other issues.  Solar powered battery charge maintainers can be a much better option and are safer for the consumer.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure, with weather fluctuations the tire pressure can change and you do not want a flat tire or driving your vehicle on too low of tire pressure to cause damage to the tires.

Lastly, we would recommend spraying your vehicle with a mice repellent spray, there are natural ones with peppermint essential oils that can help deter little rodents.  These rodents can cause damage to interior under the hood and they seem to love to chew on wiring.

Stay safe and healthy.  Happy Motoring!

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