When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light illuminates on your dash, it means that your vehicle’s computer recognizes that there is a system, circuit or sensor that is working out of it’s proper parameters.  The computer(s) in your vehicle try to compensate for that problem and keep the vehicle running as close to normal as possible.  When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light starts flashing this means that a catalytic converter damaging condition is occurring.  You will usually be able to feel a noticeable difference in the performance of your vehicle.


When this Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light flashes you should pull over safely and shut the vehicle off.  Have the vehicle towed to your trusted repair facility for a diagnosis and repair.  Continuing to drive this vehicle, in this condition will do further damage and could cost more to repair.


The catalytic converter is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle if it is kept in optimum running shape.  If the catalytic converter fails, it is important to find out why and correct what caused the failure.  Or your catalytic converter will fail again. Depending on the type and age of vehicle you drive, causes a huge variance on the replacement cost of a catalytic converter. Many of the vehicle’s we drive in Oregon are manufactured to meet California Emissions Standards.  If the catalytic converter in your vehicle fails, it needs to be replaced with a comparable original equipment.  If the catalytic converter replacement is not impregnated with enough precious metals, it will not coincide with the emissions calibration on your vehicle’s computer, and could still signal a catalytic converter efficiency code, which will illuminate your check engine or service engine soon light.  When your light is illuminated or if there are current codes stored in the computer of your vehicle it will not pass DEQ.


When your Check Engine or Service Engine light is on. This light is a warning to the driver that their vehicle needs to be diagnosed and repaired.   It is not an emergency but should be performed in the near future when you can.  When this check engine light is flashing, the condition the computer sees, can do damage to the exhaust of the vehicle.  We would not recommend continuing to drive the vehicle. Have it towed to a facility for a diagnosis and repair.  Happy Motoring!

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