The engine oil, transmission fluid, and the cooling system of your vehicle is just the beginning of proper maintenance.  There are other fluids, filters, and spark plugs just to name a few.  When you are on the repairing side of vehicles that have been in use for 60,000 miles or more and see the results of lack of maintenance, rather than the manufacturing side, you can see some of the effects of good and poor maintenance on the different systems of a vehicle.


Maintenance is always the more economical way to approach the care of your vehicle.  Repairs are usually more expensive, cannot generally be planned out, or budgeted for and can leave you stranded without your vehicle for a longer period of time.


The bottom line is that if you want your vehicle to last more than 100,000 miles, and have it not cost and arm and a leg in repair bills, then it is not maintenance free.  Maintenance when performed regularly can add longevity, reliability, and value to your vehicle.  We recommend consulting with your trusted repair facility to find out the best way to maintain the vehicle that you own, they will base in on your particular make and model and your driving habits to come up with the best plan.


In our next article we will discuss maintenance and should it be performed by mileage or time.  Happy Motoring!


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