We are a full, independent automotive repair facility in Historic Downtown Gresham working on both domestic and foreign vehicles. Our shop is currently seeking “A” level techs to entry level techs. You have the opportunity to learn and have a variety of work. We offer competitive pay, production-based bonuses, and we have a great benefit package with medical, dental, vision, and insurance.

“Working for a family business, I feel like you got a lot more freedom. You’re looked at as an individual, so when I first started here, I was doing remove and replace parts and now I’m doing intensive diagnostics.”

“When I first applied here, I did come with a basic set of skills coming from Jiffy Lube. With Steve being a teacher and-you know-caring how they treat their employees, I’ve grown significantly from that.”

If you’re interested in joining our team, contact us by filling out an application online or in-person and sending a resume to All About Automotive.

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