Living in the Pacific NW with the rain, snow and ice that we encounter each year, visibility is key to driving safe on the road.  Response time while driving needs to be as quick as possible, because of the increased braking distance needed on slippery roads.  Distracted driving or obscured visibility can increase that response time.

Extremely cold or hot weather can degrade wiper blades in a hurry.  Exposure to the sun can cause the rubber to crack and these small cracks can cause streaking on the windshield.  When wiper blades get frozen to the windshield they can come apart and rip.

We recommend having your wipers checked with each oil change.  Then depending on how much you drive, suggest wiper blade replacement  at least twice a year in our climate, as Fall starts turning to Winter and when Winter turns into Spring.  Then you should be in good shape for the rainy seasons, but if ever you notice a streaking problem with your wiper blades we suggest replacement.

Whether you have snow flurries in your forecast for this winter or not, making sure your wiper blades are in good condition will be a great benefit to wintertime driving.  Happy Motoring!


Karen Johnston

All About Automotive, Inc.

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