The recession that hit our nation has changed how people save, invest and spend their money. We have all learned not to be quite so frivolous with our money and our continued and current economic situation has led more consumers to be fairly price conscious.  While price is important, it is also important not to sacrifice quality, especially when it comes to your more valuable assets like your vehicle and your home.


When it comes to Auto Repair, Service and Maintenance we have a few tips for good quality at a fair price.


  • Find an automotive repair facility that you like and trust to take care of your vehicle. They will have all your service and repair history for information on what has already been performed, what needs to be attended to, and can perform the warranty work for any prior work or parts that they have installed.
  • When you have a computer diagnosis that needs performed, have it diagnosed and repaired by the same repair facility. Then the diagnosis and repair will be guaranteed, and you will not pay multiple diagnostic charges.
  • There are big differences in the quality of parts that are used in automotive repair industry. Work with a shop that chooses the best replacement part for your car.  A lifetime warranty on a part does not hold much value if it needs to be replaced several times due to failure, rendering you helpless in a breakdown situation or having to take your vehicle to a shop several times.  The inconvenience and loss of time for you has value too.
  • Do not let friends, neighbors, and relatives that are not qualified and trained to work on vehicles, attempt to work on your car. Repairs that are performed incorrectly can cost you money, time, safety, reliability and can diminish the value of your vehicle.


The quality of a repair or diagnostic process is not always easy to see.  Finding and sticking with a repair facility that you can trust, and that will stand behind their work, with a proven track record and longevity, can give you assurance that any future concerns can be met.  Remember, you get what you pay for. Happy Motoring!

Karen Johnston

All About Automotive, Inc.

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