Many vehicle owners are not even aware that their vehicle has a cabin air filter, but most of today’s vehicles are equipped with them.  The cabin air filter in your vehicle is an essential part of your vehicle’s ventilation system.  They function like a furnace filter does in your home.


The cabin air filter in your vehicle filters the air that enters the passenger compartment.  Helping to protect the passengers from pollen, spores, exhaust gases, road dust and soot.

The cabin air filter also aids in keeping the vehicle interior clean.


Just like your home furnace or air conditioning system, your cabin air filter needs to be serviced on a regular basis to keep your vehicles heating and cooling system operating at its peak condition.  A dirty cabin air filter restricts the air flow of your heating, defrost, and air conditioning systems in your vehicle.


Cabin air filters should be checked and/or replaced once every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or at least once a year.  The cabin air filter is generally located either under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle, or under the hood near the rear of the cowl.


We recommend checking with your trusted repair facility to see if your vehicle is equipped with a cabin air filter.  If it is equipped with one have it inspected and/or replaced if needed. Make it a habit to have it replaced as a part of your regular yearly maintenance program for your vehicle. Happy Motoring!

Karen Johnston

All About Automotive, Inc.

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