The last article we wrote we talked about some of the causes of vehicle fires and how to avoid them.  Even though we saw another car fire on I5 South last weekend, some of our feedback indicated that most consumers do not feel that a vehicle fire occurs very often, or would ever affect them personally.  So we were able to locate some statistics and thought we would share them.


Nationwide, according to the National Fire Protection Association, one out of five reported fires is a vehicle fire.  In fact, 18 percent of all fires take place on a highway or other road and involves a motor vehicle.   33 car fires are reported every hour across our country.  During the years between 2002 and 2005 one person per day died as a result of a car fire.


According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, teen drivers’ and young adults are the demographic most likely to be involved in a car fire incident.  Young males being more likely, than young females to be a victim of a car fire.


There is a vehicle fire every 96 seconds in the United States.  75% of highway vehicle fires are caused by mechanical failures or other car malfunctions, not car accidents.  However, vehicle fires caused by collisions are responsible for almost 60% of vehicle fire deaths.  One out of every three vehicle fire injuries occur when the car fire victims attempt to fight the vehicle fire without the help of emergency workers and experienced firemen.


In 2007, vehicle fires cost Americans $1.41 billion dollars.  These are some pretty staggering statistics especially that 75% of vehicle fires could have been avoided because they were a mechanical failure or malfunction in the vehicle.  Do not underestimate the dangers of a vehicle fire, or the value of having your families vehicles regularly inspected and repairs performed to keep them safe and reliable. 

Don’t let a car fire happen to you!  Happy Motoring!

Karen Johnston

All About Automotive, Inc.

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