Automotive service and repair facilities like us at All About Automotive, have been deemed an “essential business” during this Coronavirus Pandemic. This pandemic is affecting our entire world and our immediate community at a very fast rate. We live in a perfect platform for this virus to spread quickly with our advanced forms of public transportation and the small degree of separation from person to person.

Safety is the number one goal for ourselves and our community. We feel it is our obligation to the community to intervene and do our part. All About Automotive, Inc. is offering:

  • Contact free pickup and delivery of vehicles, with all conversation being performed via email, texting and/or phone calls.
  • We sanitize all common touch points on each vehicle we come into contact with. Inside and outside door handles, all control buttons, steering wheel, seat belts, gear shift, console and steering wheel controls, wiper, turn signal & light switches, radio and all heater and air conditioning controls.
  • Our technicians use a new set of gloves when driving and working on each car.
  • Our technicians wear a face mask when inside of a customers’ vehicle.
  • We use seat covers, steering wheel covers and carpet covers while driving or working on vehicles.

The world needs awareness and precautions to spread faster than Coronavirus if we plan to beat this and All About Automotive will ensure safety is paramount throughout this time of need.

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