There are a few ways to help keep vehicle ownership more affordable. First of all keeping your vehicle well maintained with regular oil changes, filter replacements, inspections, tire rotations, keeping tires properly inflated, servicing the fluids in your vehicle, having the fuel system serviced, brakes serviced, and regular tune-ups will help to reduce repair costs and increase performance.

Maintaining your vehicle and fixing problems while they are still small, before they do more damage will be more cost effective and give your vehicle more longevity. Keeping your vehicle maintenance up to date will help reduce fuel costs due to it being more fuel efficient, and will also help you to obtain the most mileage possible out of your tires. Properly maintained vehicles are more valuable in the eyes of insurance and the market, than one that has not been maintained.

Driving habits can reduce or increase the costs of vehicle ownership. Keeping your driving record clean can help reduce insurance costs. Following posted speed limit signs, not driving aggressively with quick starts and stops can also help reduce fuel costs and the wear and tear on the vehicle.

Reducing the costs of vehicle ownership is possible by following some of the simple guidelines listed in these last 2 articles; using good driving habits, following a good regular maintenance schedule, and making wise choices when purchasing a vehicle. Remember, even if you can afford the price or monthly payment of a vehicle, you need to factor in all the other expenses that are associated with the vehicle’s cost.

Happy Motoring!

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