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What Should I Be Looking For When Searching for A New Repair Facility?

Posted by: karen on October 5, 2017

In the last article we talked about referrals, review sites and researching a business to help in finding a reputable, trustworthy shop. We also talked about trying out a repair facility with minor repairs to begin the development of relationship with them. Today we will discuss some of the things to ask and look for while you are at the repair facility:
1) What is the repair facilities warranty on parts and labor? The industry standard in our area is 12 months or 12,000 miles.
2) Are the technicians certified? There are manufacturer specific certifications, vehicle system certifications and ASE certifications. This means that the technicians have been trained and/or tested as to their knowledge in different vehicle systems and have passed the tests.
3) How often are the technicians skills updated? Typically technicians attend several classes each year. You can look for recent completion certificates, many shops post them in their offices or waiting areas.
4) Are the technicians trained and have the tools needed to work on your vehicle make and model?
5) Does the repair facility have the repair information at their fingertips for your vehicle make and model.
6) Are the repair facilities hours and location convenient for you?
7) Does the repair facility offer shuttle service and have availability for towing and rental car service.
All these factors can affect your decision as to the best repair facility for you. So again do your research so that you have a more satisfactory experience. Next article we will talk about what you should be able to expect from a repair facility. Happy Motoring!

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